Read a lead sheet

Search our curated collection of 96 fake books, real books, and other lead sheet books. You can also browse the list of books. The first aspect of learning how to read a lead sheet for guitar is to understand how chord changes are written in fake books such as the Real Book. The chords on jazz charts are often written in a simple style such as Dm7, G7, Cmaj7, Em7b5, A7alt, etc., rather than very specific chords such as Dm9, G13, C6, Em11b5, A7b9, etc. Lead is relatively inert, corrosion resistant, and has a low melting point. Lead sheet, sometimes called lead plate, is generally easy to machine, form, and otherwise work. Applications for Lead Sheet The unique properties of lead sheet make it ideal for many disparate uses. Common industrial applications for lead sheet include: Jul 25, 2018 · When reading a lead sheet, you’ll play the melody (mostly with your right hand pinky) and fill in the chords with your remaining right hand fingers and the bass line in your left hand, using the chord symbols to guide you.